Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dunkin Donuts Sausage Pancake Bites

I stop at Dunkin Donuts every day for my morning coffee.  While I've stood in line in recent weeks, I've been staring at their new Sausage Pancake Bites, recently added to their menu.  Not being a fan of pancakes, I had reservations about committing to an order.  The concept doesn't seem that different than a corndog and I do enjoy those on occasion.  Plus, I'm always up for trying new food products. So needless to say, I felt somewhat shameful when my best friend saw an advertisement on them and texted me asking me if I had tried them yet.  She's home with a 5 year old for most of the day and sometimes needs me to be her eyes, ears, and mouth in the outside world.  This was the nudge I needed to make up my mind.  I was going to take one for the team and get myself an order when I picked up my coffee.

The next day, I found myself staring at the big poster in the window advertising the Sausage Bites.  What I hadn't noticed before was that on the poster, it stated that the sausages had a "hint of maple" in them.  Just so happens that my favorite way to eat sausage is when it's dipped in syrup.  Maple, when available.  There was a rumble in my stomach just thinking of what was in store for my tastebuds.  Each order consists of 3 Sausage Pancake Bites.  They happen to be on a special 2 for deal.  Two orders for $3.  If I was sharing with one of my coworkers who had been hounding me to get them (he knows I love trying new things too), I knew I would have to double up.
Sausage Pancake Bites (Exterior View)
Despite promises of having a hint of maple in them, I wasn't brave enough to be the first to try one.  I handed two bites to my coworker so I could gauge his reaction.  It was confirmed from the smile on his face that they were delish so I rushed back to my desk to take my first bite.  It was pretty amazing.  Sweet maple taste with the salty of the pancake batter surrounding the itty bitty sausage link.  The maple flavor was a bit much For the size of the link.  It took some flavor away from the actual sausage flavor. I found myself dipping these yummu bites in a bit of ketchup to even out the sweet/salty ratio.  But you really wouldn't expect anything else from something that is mass produced and shipped to thousands of locations to be heated up in a superfast oven, would you?  And I eat microwaveable bacon, so at least this is a step above that.

Sausage Pancake Bites (Interior View)
Would I get these lil' tasty breakfast bites again?  Absolutely.  And for the record, they go great with an order of Dunkin Donuts hash browns.

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